Ribbon embroidery and stumpwork

Covers English

Ribbon embroidery and stumpwork – also known as the RES book

This book is a must for all lovers of ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. It is suitable for first-time embroiderers as well as those who wish to learn brand new techniques.

It is unique in its combination of ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. The twelve panels are each individually explained with step-by-step photographs and instructions, including a comprehensive guide to all needles, thread and ribbon required.

This book is perfect for anyone wishing to learn how to make different flowers, leaves and little creatures in a gorgeous flower sampler.

It is a good book to learn many new techniques which can be used for quilt making, fibre arts, card making, lids of boxes, knitted wear, dress making… and other crafts.

Suitable for the beginner to silk ribbon embroidery and stumpwork.

The printed panel which is ready to embroider, all the ribbons and threads are available below.

Note: there will be lots of ribbon and thread left over to use in future projects or to share with a friend.

Enjoy yourself ♥




PS. For a small preview of only some of the pages in this book, have a look at this flip book below….page through the book by clicking on the top or bottom corners….please be patient while the book loads  🙂