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DVD embroidery panel, ready to embroider

Product Information:

The flower sampler for the DVD series


This is the exquisite design:

  • printed onto pure cotton fabric
  • in full colour
  • ready to embroider
  • the same size as used for the DVDs


This flower sampler you will learn in Volumes 1, 2 and 3 as follows:


Volume 1 – you will learn the first four panels in precise detail.

Volume 2 – you will learn the next five panels, step-by-step

Volume 3 – you will learn the last four panels in this gorgeous sampler


All lessons in all three volumes will be stitched on the same sampler.


click on the images to enlarge




















Size of design: 41cm x 29cm (16 x 11 inches). The image is printed onto a large 100% cotton cloth — big enough to fit in your hoop or frame.



Click here to view all the embroidered images


Here are two clips from the DVD’s – do bear in mind that the quality of the images is much better on the DVD itself :)


YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image



You are welcome to see more clips from the DVD series on YouTube here


NOTE: For the black and white pattern and the lists for the DVD series purchased from websites overseas, please download them from this page. Look under the heading: Downloads for DVDs


DVD embroidery panel, ready to embroider


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2 Responses to DVD embroidery panel, ready to embroider

  1. Wavatar snippyw says:

    Can I get the fibers for the painted panel as well?
    Karen West

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