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Here you will find the latest news and updates, learn more about stitches and techniques, see beautiful embroidered pieces to inspire you, learn from work in progress… and I will show you gorgeous embroideries by talented artists the world over!

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Two weeks left

  Hi everybody, several of our popular designs will expire on 20 October 2015 and for those of you who were planning to make these gorgeous pieces, this may be your last chance!   I am not sure which of the following designs I will re-license again.   They are:   A Beautiful Place   […]

Roses, Fuchsias, Hydrangeas and Jasmine in silk ribbon

  Roses, Fuchsias, Hydrangeas and Jasmine in silk ribbon   Hello stitching world! I hope that you are creating beautiful things with your embroidery! I am sorry I have not blogged as often as I could have in the last two months. Things have been rather rough this side of the world. Renn has had […]

Silk ribbon embroidery - a lovely flower cart

  Hello everybody ^•^    Hope you had a lovely week….  I have something lovely to help brighten up your weekend.   Embroidered by Kwok Wing Sum (Happy) who lives in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong….   Click on the image to enlarge           Close up detail…click on the images to enlarge […]

Trish Burr

  Hello! I hope you are well and happy, wherever you are in this world.   Do you live in Johannesburg or will you be travelling to Johannesburg in October?   Then I have good news for you….   My friend Trish Burr will be teaching there! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity….   […]

A Beautiful Hussif by Jenny Kim Smith from Las Vegas, Nevada

    Hello Stitching World! I hope you are well and happy. I have something gorgeous to show you today – a lovely felt and silk ribbon Hussif or handy-hold-all.   Jenny sent me some photos of her lovely piece and this is what she wrote:   “Finished this last night or should I say early […]

How to fill in a monogram or initial in raised stem-stitch

  Hello stitching world ♪♫♬♪   Today, I thought I would show you how to embroider a letter in raised stem-stitch — an ideal way to form a three-dimensional shape with a lovely texture.   The letter C filled in with raised stem-stitch. Click on the image to enlarge         When you need a personalised […]

A Helmeted Guinea Fowl who lives in Kirstenbosch

  Hellooo!   There is an inquisitive Helmeted Guinea Fowl who lives in Kirstenbosch Gardens, not far from here, and he says he hopes to brighten up your day! I think he is trying to tell you to take some time off for yourself….   Click on the image to enlarge         Thank […]

Purple Irises

  Hello everybody, I am busy with the latest newsletter which we should be sending out soon, and I thought in the meantime, that you would like to see Jacqui O’ Connell’s rendition of our new Purple Irises design. Don’t you think it’s cute?   Click on the image to enlarge     Hope you […]

How To Design a Love-Life Journal Cover

  Hello I have a pretty tutorial for you today… a LOVE-LIFE journal cover to make for yourself or for that someone extra special. Simple stitches with ribbon and thread were used and the textures and colours complement each other nicely in this pretty design.   Remember that we have talented teachers and stockists throughout the world who offer classes […]

Sunny Flowers by Olga Smirnova

  Sunny Flowers by Olga Smirnova   Hello! Today I have some beautiful embroideries to show you by the talented ribbon embroiderer, Olga Smirnova, from St. Petersburg.   I had the great pleasure of spending time with Olga when I visited her beautiful city and I was so impressed with her work!   Olga kindly […]

Jacqui O’ Connell’s JK3 Roses Fuchsias hydrangeas & Jasmine

  Hello Stitching World ◕‿◕  Today I have a lovely piece to show you …. Jacqui O’Connell JK3 Roses, Fuchsias, hydrangeas & Jasmine that will surely inspire you today.     Click on the image to enlarge       Jacqui is a very talented teacher and stockist from her studio: Ribbon Room in Randburg, Johannesburg […]

The Royal School of Needlework - Ribbonwork classes

  Hello Stitching World. It’s nearly Friday, thank goodness, and I am not sure what happens to the week — it seems to be a blur these days. I have some news to share with you from Bryna Black, the Marketing Manager for the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) at Hampton Court Palace in Surrey, UK.   […]

Lovely New Silk Ribbon Embroideries

  Elisa Franzin from Italy and Sheila Beswick from California   Today, I have something beautiful to show you by two talented embroiderers.    The first is Elisa Franzin from Italy.   Girl Reaching by Elisa Franzin   Click on the image to enlarge       Elisa Franzin’s teacher, Manuela Scarpin, teaches at the well-known Tombolo E Disegni, Viale […]

A limited Edition - a knitted handbag

  Hello everybody :) I have been so busy with the step-by-step photography for a new book and I’ve scarcely had time to breathe! But today, I am able to take a break. So I thought I would show you a new project which will be launched shortly. Do you like the concept?   Click on […]

How to make a Butterfly in 3-D Embroidery

    Hello stitching world! It is a stunning day in Cape Town and it’s difficult to think about working, but I have not written a blog for quite a while because we have been busy with a beautiful new book and gorgeous new projects and I have been doing the step-by-step photography to show embroiderers how it […]

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