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Padded Leaf Shapes For Ribbon Embroidery

  Hello stitching world and a Happy New Year! May 2015 be a happy and creative year for you.   Today I would like to teach you how padded shapes can be used to add a subtle dimension (or an air of luxury) to an otherwise ordinary design….   On page 80 of my Ribbon Embroidery and […]

How to make interesting shadows and leaves for ribbon embroidery

  How to make interesting shadows and leaves with silk and woolly fibre           This short tutorial is from the best-selling book: Little Flowers by Di van Niekerk & Marina Zherdeva   How to make interesting shadows and leaves for ribbon embroidery    An extract from Wild Roses and Pink Blossoms on page 139.   […]

Superb ribbon embroidery by Sonia Canlay from La Bouilladisse in France

  G’Day, stitching world ♫♬♪♫♬♪♫♬♪   Oh but I have a beauty for you today! A gorgeous piece by Sonia Canlay from La Bouilladisse, which is in Bouches-du-Rhône in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France.   Click on the images to enlarge          Irresistible Irises and Spring flowers! Don’t you just love them?     Sonia (Cоня Кленицка) wrote to me: […]

Olive Owl by Lena Thiel from Sweden

  Hello stitching world :) Today I have a beautiful project to share with you, created by Lena Thiel from Sweden. Lena made this remarkable iPad cover by combining silk ribbon embroidery, thread work and felting — an outstanding fusion of crafts and I thought that you would enjoy seeing her creation. This piece Lena […]

Blue Bench in a Rose Garden

    Hello!  Today I have a free tutorial for you with some really good ideas for silk ribbon embroidery fans. By the master-embroiderer, Marina Zherdeva. Her winning piece is shown in part 1 of a book written by Annine van Reenen featuring all the winners of the silk ribbon embroidery competition in 2012.  Enjoy […]

How to make a sweet little daisy in silk ribbon embroidery

      Little daisies are ideal for embellishing all kinds of gifts for that special person in your life. They are easy to make… and to brighten up your weekend, I will show you how ♫♬♪     This daisy is from one of my books: Ribbon embroidery and stumpwork  and it’s ideal for the beginner […]

Something really special by Lyudmila Deineko

  ♫♬♪  Hello stitching world — it’s been another beautiful, sunny day in Cape Town and to brighten up your day, I have something really special to show you by Lyudmila Deineko from Perm in Russia….   …. A magnificent wreath of Roses, for a special time of the year :)         …and here […]

How to make interesting leaves with silk ribbon

  Good morning everybody…. it’s nearly weekend :)   Today I thought I would show you how to make interesting leaves with silk ribbon….       To make long leaves of the Yucca plant above: start in the centre and make long twisted straight stitches for some leaves and use ribbon stitch for others.   Hint: for an […]

Some lovely ideas for making gifts in silk ribbon embroidery

  Good afternoon stitching world ^•^   Today I have some concepts to show you which may inspire you to make a lovely gift for someone special. Using letters, words and names, you can make a gift which is unique and personal …. and it is sure to brighten up their day :)         To […]

Dapple Dawn Roses

  Greetings stitching world :)   Today I want to show you how to make a Dapple Dawn rose.         It is an easy way to make life-like old fashioned roses and this method can be found on page 64 of my new Roses book.       I hope you enjoy this […]

How to fill in a monogram or initial in raised stem-stitch

  Good afternoon stitching world ♪♫♬♪   Today, I thought I would show you how to embroider a letter in raised stem-stitch — an ideal way to form a three-dimensional shape with a lovely texture.   The letter C filled in with raised stem-stitch. Click on the image to enlarge         When you need […]

How to make cute little roses

  How to make cute little roses with silk ribbon   Hello stitching world, I hope you had a good weekend…. I have written a little tutorial for you today to help brighten up your week :)   Click on the image to enlarge       Sunny Roses   From chapter 13 in my […]

Hints and tips from Di van Niekerk

  Hints and tips from Di van Niekerk   Threading up   The general rule for this kind of embroidery:   Use one strand of thread where possible — it always looks better when one strand is used in a design. Rather use more stitches instead of  thick, bulky threads to fill in detail.     […]

How to make oranges

  How to make oranges – a free tutorial for you ♥   Click on image to enlarge   Hello! The sun is shining happily in Cape Town and today I thought you would enjoy learning how to make the oranges which were used in this gorgeous design Oranges-and-Bougainvillea. This lovely kit is a new release and it is a […]

Hints and tips from Di van Niekerk - Hint 1

  Hints and tips from Di van Niekerk   Using Cling Wrap to protect your work   ◕‿◕  Good morning…I thought you would enjoy a free hint when working on a three-dimensional design.   Click on image to enlarge     If the loose-fitting appliqué or stumpwork shapes are bothering you whilst you stitch, or […]

How to make Corn Poppies

  How to make a Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)     Good Morning, Goeie more, HOWDY, Buon Giorno, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, Selamat Pagi, Buenos Dias, God Morgen, Dobroye utro, Boker tov, kunjhani, Buenos Días, Wilujeng Enjing, Günaydin, Umhlala gahle, Bom Dia, добро утр-dobro utro,  Dobro jutro, G ‘day, Góðan daginn, בוקר טוב!!!, Hyvää huomenta, Dzień […]

The Tansy Fairy

  Good morning :))   Today I have a beautiful Fairy to show you…I am sure that many of you will enjoy seeing her, as she is doing what we all love best — embroidery     The Tansy Flower Fairy™, embroidered by the talented Marina Zherdeva from Moscow: my friend and stockists of all […]

How to make thick, rounded stems

  How to make thick, rounded stems for Roses and other flowers       Ever wondered how to make a large, rounded, life-like stem? It’s really easy…    1. Make a foundation row of back stitches.        2. And wrap the stitches with ribbon…       Here is an example of […]

French Knot Rose

  A French knot rose is ideal for making small flowers and roses.   Click on images to enlarge..       1. Use 2, 4 or 7mm silk ribbon or 6mm organza ribbon 2. Wrap the ribbon once or twice around your needle as if you were making a French knot, but instead of inserting […]

How to make cute little flowers with silk ribbon

  How to make cute little flowers with silk ribbon   Loop stitch is ideal for making clusters of small flowers. It is an easy stitch to do and French knots are added afterwards to form the stamens.        For this F monogram from my Embroidered Alphabets book, I used loop stitch for the little […]

How to make stumpwork Hydrangeas

  How to make stumpwork Hydrangeas       For interesting dimensional flowers, stumpwork Hydrangeas are ideal.  The Hydrangeas are made separately and then attached onto the main design. They are easy to make and I will show you how to make these with French knots.   Hint:  You could use beads instead of French […]

How to make Irises

  How to make Irises   Hello everyone … today I thought I would show you how to make Irises. Yesterday, I added Irresistible Irises by Anna Dunaevskaya and….   Click on the image to enlarge       … this is a short tutorial on how to make one of the most popular flowers for ribbon […]

How to make stumpwork shapes

  How to make stumpwork shapes   I hope you are having a good weekend!   Today I will show you how to make stumpwork shapes which are useful when you require dimension in your piece.     A shape like a leaf, for example, is made on a separate piece of fabric. The shape is […]

Two beautiful roses for you from Inessa...

  Good Day …hope you had a good weekend?   Remember in my last newsletter I promised I would show you a beautiful rose? Well, to brighten up your week I have two beautiful roses for you…   Embroidered by the very talented Инесса Тимонина (Inessa Timonina) from Moscow, Russia.     Click on the images to […]

Folded ribbon roses from Georgia

    Folded ribbon roses…     Hello stitching world ♥     On this beautiful Monday, I have a lovely piece to show you — Roses by Keti Navrozashvili from Tbilisi, Georgia in the Caucasus region of Eurasia….     Keti wrote to me  “My name is Keti; I am 37 years old from Georgia (a country). […]

How to make a little nest….

  How to make a cute little nest..   Hello ♫♬♪ – can you believe it is weekend again.   Last week I taught you how to use woolly fibre for a little bird and I promised to show you how to make the little nest :)    Note:  This tutorial is from chapter 13 in […]

How to use woolly fibre to create a little bird...

     How to use woolly fibre to create a little bird   Hello ♫♬♪ it’s weekend!     Today I will show you how to make a little bird with woolly fibre…    Click on the images to enlarge.   This method creates a fluffy texture…. and you won’t have to fill in all […]

Shaping stitches made in ribbon...

  Shaping stitches made with ribbon ….   Ever wondered how to make leaves and petals look more realistic?   Essentially, you can use needle, thread and tiny stitches to “show” the ribbon what you want it to do — how you want it positioned on the design.     Gently lift the stitch up […]

Folded ribbon roses...

  Some ideas for the Folded Ribbon Rose …   I received a message from a viewer on YouTube and she said:   “it’s super cute, thank you, after doing this can I take the rose from the fabric to put it in a hair clip? Do u have any ideas how to make it […]

How to embroider a tree ...

  Hi everybody — hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend. It’s COLD in Cape Town and it is raining ♫♬♪ We desperately need this rain as our dam levels are too low for the summer season.           Today I thought I would show you how to make […]

A little Fairy....

  Good afternoon Stitching World ♫♬♪♫♬♪♫♬♪ …hope you are having a good day      Today I thought I would show you how to make a little girl’s hair and a lovely flower garland.       This example is from the little girl fairy in the Black Medick Fairies design from my Flower Fairy ™ book… […]

Embroidering the letters of a word, name or sentence

    Embroidering letters     Good afternoon stitching world ♪♫♬♪ Today, I thought I would show you something about embroidering letters to form words, names and sentences. When you need a personalised gift for a special occasion or to make a decorative piece for your home: words, names and sentences can be very useful […]

Beautiful Roses for you

♥   Spider-web and stem stitch roses     Click on the images to enlarge                                       First make a spider-web rose to form the centre… … then use stem stitches to form the outer petals.     […]

Twirled Ribbon Rose

  Good morning stitching world ♥   Today I am going to teach you how to make a Twirled Ribbon Rose.                     This is one of the roses that I teach in my new Roses book The twirled ribbon rose is a wonderful technique to use […]

A Favour

    A Favour   Good morning ♫♬♪♫♬   I just love the simplicity of this design.   Here, silk ribbon embroidery was used for the roses, the rose leaves and the green railing.         Simple stitches were used to embellish her dress and her hair was made by stitching it with […]

Spider-Web Rose

    Spider-Web Rose Spider-Web Rose is a lovely stitch to use for beautiful, realistic roses.   Click on the image to enlarge             Use one or two strands of thread to make five foundation spokes   Change to 4 or 7mm silk, or 6mm organza ribbon.   Thread up […]

Knotting ribbon ...

  Making a looped knot   Step 1 Thread the ribbon onto a needle.   To make a looped knot at the end of the ribbon: fold the long end of the ribbon once or twice and pierce it with the threaded needle….     Click on the images to enlarge         […]

Threading ribbon ...

    Threading ribbon:   Step 1 Use a chenille or tapestry needle that has a large (long) enough eye for the ribbon to fit into….   Click on images to enlarge                     Step 2 Pierce end of the ribbon that you inserted into the needle…. […]

A little lesson on Dreamscapes design – WH06 (the curtain)

Hi everybody – hope you are enjoying your Tuesday :) Today I thought I would teach you some of the sections from the  Dreamscapesdesign – WH06 (the curtain) About the curtain The curtain was made with 38mm organza ribbon number 103. There are two drops for this curtain. 1. Cut two lengths of ribbon long […]

A little lesson from the Dreamscapes WH123 - the bicycle design

  Click on image to enlarge Good morning stitching world :) This is the latest design from the Dreamscapes series and I just love the tranquil shades and the interesting dimensional effects that were created with simple stitches by Emma Kriegler. See how the leaves are made with ribbon stitch? I will tell you a little […]

Working with two needles

Click on image to enlarge When working with two needles: always ensure that one of the needles (with thread or ribbon) lies on the top of your work whilst you stitch with the other. This way, the thread and ribbon won’t become tangled at the back of your work  


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